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Core Values

  • The Institute believes that the field of Psychology is a Soft Science, and thus, is open to an exchange of ideas from many different perspectives. These perspectives can come from individuals with thorough backgrounds in education and/or life experiences. Any person may qualify for acceptance to the Institute. It is up to that particular individual to push themselves to fulfill their potential in the world of Social Psychology.
  • The Institute believes that a complete and thorough Pre-Test, specifically designed to cover areas of Social Psychology, is sufficient for entrance and acceptance into the Institute. The Pre-Test indicates a student's ability to proceed with a doctoral analysis.
  • The Institute believes that all people deserve an opportunity to prove themselves in a higher academic arena regardless of their individual plight and circumstances. The Institute supports the efforts of individuals from Law Enforcement, Military and Retired Military, Teachers and Counselors, Social Workers, the Sports Industry, Business Executives, Government (Federal, City, County and State) Employees, and all other related fields.
  • The Institute believes that the area of Social Psychology is at the top of the food chain among academic studies. Social Psychology explains everything we as humans need to know in order to better adapt to our surroundings, our governments, and nature.
  • The Institute believes that diverse social psychological theories improve our understanding of social behavior and thought. Social psychologists are responsible to use scientific methods in order to learn about people’s feelings, actions and thoughts.
  • The Institute believes that traditional schools and universities are excellent sources of education, but, that there are many in the population that can’t take advantage due to time constraints or financial constraints. The Institute wants to be available for students to make a contribution in academics that doesn’t require excessive funds and years of hardship.
  • The Institute believes that Nature is a key element to a better understanding for Social Psychology. The Institute believes that defining Nature and all its characteristics allows humans to discover more for how its influence should govern their decision-making.