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Will this degree provide any licensing or certifications?
No. Persons achieving the Doctoral of Philosophy in Social Psychology are Social Psychologists just as any other person across the U.S. or other countries who achieves the same degree title.  Licensing and Certification pertains more to Social Work, Counseling, and Clinical Psychologists.

What is the previous education necessary for acceptance to the Institute?
No particular post-secondary education is necessary.  The purpose of the Institute is to teach the traditional Dissertation process and provide all the tools that any individual needs in order to achieve and complete an original Social Psychology Dissertation.

What is the previous experience that would make someone feel that they merit consideration as a Doctoral candidate?

A person’s life experience is completely subjective to interpretation.  It is up to the individual to judge the worthiness of their life experiences.  The person probably feels somewhat as if he/she is already a layman’s Social Psychologist.  He/She has a combination of education and experience that qualifies them as a Social Psychologist, but does not have the title.  This program confirms a person’s right to call themselves a Social Psychologist.

Why is the Institute for Advanced Social Psychology necessary?
The Institute fills a void in Education giving everyday people the tools to put their ideas, reason and philosophy to work in order to suggest general societal improvements.

What kinds of Careers can a Ph.D. in Social Psychology effect?
Any Career will take a positive turn with a Ph.D. in Social Psychology.  They are employed in all sectors of society, including medical centers, law firms and government agencies.  The value they bring to the workplace is profound.  In business, their work has advanced and improved strategies for investment banking, marketing, advertising, human resources, negotiating, and e-commerce.

What kind of person is this Institute suitable for?

Mostly, the Institute is looking for persons who want to call themselves Social Psychologists.  One main purpose of this Degree Program is for individuals to make contributions to society that only Social Psychologists can accomplish.

Is the Institute for Advanced Social Psychology accredited?
Yes, the Institute is proud to be associated with the International Commission for Applied Social Psychology, .