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Getting Started: Tuition, Advisement & Compliance

The Institute of Advanced Social Psychology does not accept all Applicants.  When reviewing an Applicant’s entry for admission, the Institute is looking for potential Graduates.  Desire, commitment, dedication, persistence, and perseverance are key elements of what can be expected from a typical student of the Institute.

Students are encouraged to take their time and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  The completed Doctoral process can range from 3 months to two years to a few years.  This time estimate is based on the student’s ability to manage their time effectively. 

In order to get started, prospective students should apply by submitting an Application of interest with the Pre-Test. The Application reviews why the prospective student believes that the Institute is a good match for their educational goals as well as their personal and professional goals.  The Pre-Test must be submitted in its entirety by answering all questions completely and intelligently.

Soon after the Pre-Test is completed and students have been officially accepted into the Institute, an Advisor will be assigned to guide the student’s Dissertation.  This guidance is seen as crucial to the success and timeliness of the Dissertation process.  A student’s dissertation is the ultimate proof of knowledge obtained and Advisors are there to assist in this process to ensure that the Doctoral Program is represented with accuracy and integrity.  Students must accept the guidance of their Advisor with humility and purpose.

There are 5 steps to the Admissions/Tuition process.
1)    Submission of Pre-Test and Application
2)    Payment includes shared activities and exercises intended to instruct the student on expectations of the Doctoral process.  This part of the process has a value of $635.00 + the costs of the Textbook and CD.
3)    Payment for the instruction and counsel of the Doctoral process combined with an exchange of ideas from the student.  This part of the process has a value of $950.00.
4)    After a meeting of the minds, the established plan of action and guidance for the
Dissertation takes place. This part of the process has a value of $2865.00.
5)    The last step covers the Diploma and Bound Copy of the approved Dissertation.  This part of the process has a value of $1765.00.

If you have been accepted to the Institute of Advanced Social Psychology, please go to the Pay Now button below to make your initial payment of $635.00.